Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!! Thanks for all your support in the last year. It been a rough couple of years and I am looking forward to great New Year.....

One thing new for the upcoming year will be a new small business I am starting. I will be mowing residential lawns. Looking at about 10 yards a week. If you know of anybody in the Wichita area let me know.

Monday, December 12, 2005


The following is something written by a fellow Hodgkins fighter. There is in fact no good cancer. And the fight to survive with hodgkins is no different than the fight against other cancers. The chemo is very strong and the pain is real. It often offends people with Hodgkins to be told you have the good cancer. Just some food for thought.

The Good Cancer You have the good cancer Or so I am told Bring on the chemo You have me, I’m sold But why all the nausea And damn my bones ache I think I am having The worst hangover to date I gained blurry vision But have lost all my taste Whatever I put in my mouthTastes exactly like paste I can’t smell the soap Or out comes what I had last Didn’t really want you to know What I had for breakfast Evacuations are unlikely Without the aid of a pill Don’t even bother trying Your body will thank you, it will And what’s that in my neck A blood clot you say Well bring on more shots And a fun hospital stay Numbness, pins and needles At the tips of my fingers I use a knife a lot So I hope it don’t linger While most people have A port in their chest Mine failed me twice Stubbornness at its best Now I have this thing That they call a PICC line It sticks out my arm And hurts all the time Infections come easy And it hardly seems fair That I’m forced to take showers With my arm in the air To prevent feeling too bad Steroids are common But how many more times Will I see 3 in the morning Sleep has become As distant a memoryAs the hair I once had It used to be so lovely The drugs are real toxic Long term side affects are real Other cancers can happen Health concerns are a big deal Don’t forget all the crying You’ll do late at night When sleep won’t come easy You want to give up the fight You have the good cancer Are you out of your mind Maybe you want some Because it’s the good kind Tianna

Monday, December 05, 2005


I just returned from my doctor and he said the scans are clean and everything looks great. He said I probably will not ever have to worry about it again. They will do 2 more 4 month checks then go to every 6 months for five years. THE END