Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Finally heard back from my nerve conduction test. Nothing acute, more less inconclusive, but something is going on. We need to get you back in to see the neurologist. Thats what I got. So they called back later and gave my an appt for July. From what I get from others who have had similar things going on and from researching they will probably test me for every muscle and nerve disease and other possibilties and then narrow it down one by one until all that is left is damage from radiation. Damage to spinal cord during radiation is a possible risk although usually rare. Symptoms are Lhermittes Syndrome 4-6 month after radiation and then other motor skill loss in hands, feet, legs, arms after 6 months. Sounds familar. Its fancy name is transient radiation myelopathy. Can be minor in some cases to severe in progressive types. We can just sit back hope it gets better before I go back and not worse, and see if Im right. It has actually improved a little today.


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